The untold truth of Kari Byron from MythBusters

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Finding a job isn’t easy, and it only gets harder when you’re interested in a very specific, narrow field. Many people find it difficult to gain a foothold in a new industry, and even popular TV hosts like Kari Byron have their share of job-seeking stories to share. In an interview with Verge, Byron describes her fumbling first steps in the special effects industry. After graduating from San Francisco State University, she started looking around for work in the special effects industry, but no one in the area seemed too keen on hiring: “I have this image just that all of my resumes fell into some bin that said ‘Reject,'” she said about the frustrating period.

Eventually, a friend recommended a place she hadn’t tried yet. She decided to bite the bullet and found herself at the doorstep of M5 Industries, where a thoroughly unimpressed Jamie Hyneman leafed through her portfolio. As daunting as that sounds, Hyneman eventually discovered one thing in Byron’s papers that he liked: a photo of a sculpture she had made of an old man. Hyneman conceded that it was something he could work with, and it was enough to get her foot in. However, she still had to start as an unpaid intern and work a night job on the side to pay the bills.

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