Father Forces Kids To Do Pushups And Eat Soap, Gets This Punishment

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Kidwell was detained by the police in January 2019 and charged with criminal misuse and his bail was set at $10,000.
Kidwell allegedly pushed both the 11-year-old and 13-year-old to perform half an hour of push-ups, which contributed to a few of the children getting rug burns around the knees.
Resources: WKYT / / Photo Credit: Springfield West-Sun
However, it’s out of the line for parents to use misuse and strenuous tasks as a kind of punishment.

There have been no mention of where the kids will be staying and also the mom’s whereabouts still remain unknown.
It’s reported that 40-year-old James Kidwell, that weighs 340-pounds, subjected two of his kids to violent acts between January 24 and 28, Mount Vernon police reports say.
Kidwell also forced the two kids to endure two steps away from a wall socket and also to lean on the wall using their foreheads for 30 minutes.
A dad in Kentucky was accused of child abuse, even using strenuous workouts as punishment for breaking house rules…

However, it was not disclosed who reported that these incidences of abuse to the police.
It’s normal for parents to instill discipline by means of many different means, and it is also normal to motivate kids to exercise and keep a healthy way of life.

Besides the workouts, the dad is also accused of forcing the kids to eat soap, which induced one of their kids to come up with mouth sores. A torso bruise on one of the children provided evidence that Kidwell also punched them.
A father in Kentucky was accused of child abuse, even using strenuous workouts as punishment for violating house rules.

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