Woman who climbed Mt. Rushmore barefoot is fined

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Eventually Incontro agreed to scale down. She was then detained and attended by Keystone Ambulance medics to get scapes to her limbs from falling on her way up the stone pile and slight wounds on her feet. She was taken into Pennington County Jail.

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Maureen McGee-Ballinger, spokeswoman for the memorial, said that she had no information on the episode and didn’t know if this is the highest anyone has climbed.
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From the Rapid City Journal:
Incontro was seeing Mount Rushmore from Omaha with her two kids and more than a dozen other relatives.

With family members viewing, a woman from Nebraska climbed over a railing, ignored warning signals and climbed Mount Rushmore, reaching as large as 15 feet in the top of the sculpture between Washington and Jefferson.

She increased the iconic monument last Friday barefoot and without a rope.
A report said she started climbing just following 7 , prompting a federal officer and park ranger to react. When advised to return, Incontro reacted by saying something like”do you want me to return slow or fast?” According to the Journal. But she did at first, continuing to climb even higher.
Prices of trespassing on property not open to the public, breaking up a closure of people usage limitation and failure to comply with a lawful order were dropped by prosecutors.
On Monday in federal court in Rapid City, S.D., Alexandria Incontro discovered the price of her ill-advised climb. She pleaded guilty to the offense and has been fined $1,000 plus a $30 fee, as mentioned from the Rapid City Journal.
Incontro isn’t the very first man to scale Mount Rushmore. Even a 19-year-old was fined $1,000 after climbing on the stone pile last July. Back in 2009, 11 Greenpeace activists employed ropes to scale up the rear of the monument before several rappelled down the face of the sculptures and also unfurled a banner calling for politicians to take actions against global warming. The group needed to pay $30,866 in penalties and do community services.

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