50 Amazing TV Commercials from early 2000s to now

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It is true that we sometimes grumble when our favorite television program is interrupted for a commercial break. But, there have been a lot of TV commercials that were so unique that they remained in the memories of viewers for many years to come. We thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane and review some of the most iconic ads of the 2000s. Here is a collection of some of those dating back to 2000 all the way up to 2019.

Budweiser: Rex the Dog Recalls Worst Day

2000: Dogs always capture the attention of a lot of people especially when they are doing something out of character. In this Budweiser Beer ad it is all about getting a happy dog to appear sad to correlate for the part he is playing in a movie being made.

Mountain Dew: Biker Runs Down Cheetah

2000: It was learned very early that using animals in ads could generate a lot of money for the advertisers. Among the choices were cheetahs, because they always seemed to grab the attention. The attention grabber in this commercial was the biker out racing the cheetah and retrieving a can of Mountain Dew that the Cheetah had swallowed.

Pets.com Please Don’t Go

2000: Animated characters can capture the attention of the young and the old. Pets.com chose to create whimsical sock puppet as their mascot. The Please Don’t Go ad aired at the 2000 Super Bowl. The ad was considered to be one of the best aired for the Super Bowl, however the company ended up going out of business. The jest of the commercial was a dog owner setting out to get some items needed for his pet dog and the sock puppet joined the owner on his journey all the while singing “Please Don’t Go”.

2001: There have been many instances where a date has gone wrong. What better topic is there to capitalize on for a beer ad? Cedric was so excited about his hot date he forgot the consequences of shaking up a beer.

Diet Dr. Pepper: Hudson Riverdance

2001: There was no doubt that a bunch of unfit men doing a Riverdance while wearing kilts was going to draw a lot of attention. Which it did with this ad for Dr. Pepper. The dancers fit in perfectly with the promotion of the Diet Dr. Pepper.

2001: As box dinners were being introduced into the market, advertisers wanted to create lasting impressions through their ads. They were certainly able to do so with depicting the value of what was in the box by making it seem like it weighed a ton.

2002: Nike has a long history of producing exceptional commercials that were highly instrumental in boosting its sales. One of many that stands out is the Nike, “Move” commercial that won an Emmy for the Best Commercial. The ad revolves around both professional and amateur athletes relying on Nike for their footwear.

2002: It was a difficult time for everyone during 9/11, including advertisers. Budweiser wanted to be sensitive with their advertisement and created a very tasteful commercial that showed their respect. The ad depicts the clydes bowing in respect. Budweiser had to get special permission from the government to run this ad, and it only aired once.

2002: Popular celebrities often bring more attention to a commercial. Especially when they are Britney Spears. In this commercial, she sang a new version of the “Joy of Pepsi” Jingle, which dates back to 1999.

Reebok: Terry Tate Office Linebacker

2003: Athletes always make good impressions in commercials, and Terry Tate certainly did that in this TV Ad. The ad revolves around Terry, keeping people on track when they become distracted with a very direct message.

2003: This was a really simple commercial of an old lamp being discarded that sat out in the rain. It was done with the purpose of encouraging sympathy for the old lamp while the ad went on to introduce a new replacement. The ad ran in 2002 but received all kinds of rewards for it in 2003. Recently a newer version of this ad has been released.

Honda: Hate Something, Change Something (Grr)

2004: Honda capitalized on the famous character Dr. Seuss, for this ad. As characters in the ad were coughing and choking because of engine pollution, they were soon made much more comfortable when a new engine that was brought into the scene.

Dove: Campaign For Real Beauty

2004: A lot of research goes into a product, and this information is often used to develop the TV Advertisements. For Dove, it was determined that during this time only 4% of women felt they were attractive. The Advertisers capitalized on this by launching a campaign called “The Campaign For Real Beauty”, which included this particular ad.

Dove TV Ad

2004: TV commercials based on humor are really attention grabbers, and this one is near the top of the list. It all revolves around a teenager and an elderly woman and man grappling over a bag of lays. The old fellow ends up with the Lays Chips, but the old girl has his dentures.

2005: This ad consisted of lots of bouncy balls that were full of color being released in San Francisco. Images were taken from different angles giving a really neat effect that mesmerized the viewers. The message being delivered was that LCD had the ultimate colour.

Diet Pepsi: The Diet Pepsi Truck

2005: During this ad driving Pepsi Trucks becomes the trend thanks to P.Diddy hitching a ride on one because he is late for an awards event. After P.Diddy arrives at the event the rest of the commercial revolves around all types of people now driving Diet Pepsi trucks.

2005: Some of the simple and straight to the point TV commercials had the most impact. One recognized for this approach was Singulair, which is an allergy treatment. The commercial consisted of a few simple bugs and lots of flowers with some good narration. It was effective in delivering its message.

Do Equis:The Most Interesting Man In The World

2006: Some TV commercials become recognized for taking a different approach, and that is what this one did. As a beer ad instead of the focus being on the taste of the beer, it was put on the sophistication of beer drinking. This caught the attention of viewers in a new way.

2006: A TV commercial that was based on fantasy was successful in not only capturing attention but for receiving many awards. The plot revolved around three different types of life setting out on a quest for the perfect taste. It is most intriguing to see three human beer drinkers travel back in time.

2006: Some commercials are just so creepy that viewers just can’t pull themselves away from them. This is what Sony was hoping with the release of this ad. The main character was a very weird baby doll that took on life.

2007: Some commercials have such a clever beginning to them that they immediately grab the attention of the viewers, which is what this particular ad did. It starts off with several shots of a most magnificent looking gorilla. Then you won’t believe what happens next. Watch the video to find out. It will bring a smile to your lips.

2007: When a commercial such as this is so mesmerizing nobody wants to leave. It is hard to believe that this car is totally constructed of cake. The commercial takes the viewer through the entire process, which is really intriguing.

2007: Sometimes a TV commercial may not make it totally clear as to what it is promoting. This may be the case for this particular ad, but it is quite funny. A Gazelle is on the run and hits head-on into a tree where a couple of lions are resting. The ad ends there with a message of “Home Delivery Available”.

Progressive Insurance: Flo

2008: There are some commercials with characters that are still going strong today that have been around for some time. A good example of this is “Flo”, who everyone has come to recognize as part of the Progressive Insurance Ads. Flo is the face of the brand.

2008: Usually any TV ad that includes kids as the characters are irresistible and this one falls right into that category. There is just something about a toddler selling E-Trade. That makes it comical but at the same time gets everyone to listen to the marketing message. This is what you call clever marketing.

2009: Alex Baldwin has a lot of fans no matter whether he is the star of a movie or TV ad. He didn’t disappoint anyone when he made his presence in the HULU ad. It aired during the 2009 Super Bowl and is considered to be one of the best ads of the year.

2009: Another award winning TV ad. This was an ad to promote 21:9 TV. It was cleverly produced with the use of the cinematic components in a cops and robbers scene. It immediately grabbed the attention of viewers including those who usually go for a snack during commercial breaks.

The T-Mobile Welcome Back – The Mack TV ad

2009: With electronics on the rise more Television ads where being produced. This one became a favorite because it was trendy and appealed to the right target market. The lyrics were catchy and attention grabbing.

2010: Notebooks took the world by storm when they first came out and TV commercials such as this helped to make them so popular. This ad captures the attention and leaves the viewer wondering about what comes next. Then the punch line hits and a lasting impression is made.

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Can Smell Like

2010: Another all time favorite when it came to the commercials were those about Old Spice. Although a men’s product often the target market was the women. This is because it was perceived that the women would do the buying of the product for their men.

2010: Beer commercials were still going strong, and the Bud Light Commercial was a big hit as it aired at the 2010 Super Bowl. An invitation is extended to some friends who have a house built of Bud Light cans, all of which were unopened. Without seeing the commercial one can only imagine what happened next.

Puma: After Hours Athlete

2011: Puma is well known for producing intriguing ads that have a story line to them that lead up to the introduction of their products. This ad revolves around all the after hour activities that so many people participate in and that take up so much energy. Naturally you need to rely on good footwear for this. Just as the ad shows.

2010: Only the most impressive advertisements are run at important sports events. This is why Nike is often a part of them. Just as this ad that ran for the 2010 World Cup. The ad captures the excitement of the event. So when memories of the event surface, so do memories of the commercial. Well done!

2011: The thought of a vacation is appealing to anyone. When an ad such as this takes it to the next level, it is hard to resist. It jogs the memories of viewers about what they may be missing unless they are ready to book that next vacation.

Chipotle: Back to the Start

2012: This Chipotle Ad aired during the 2012 Grammy Awards, so it had a huge audience. It was highly recognized for its message about sustainable farming. Presented in an animated version made it light hearted and easy to follow with a powerful message.

2012: Most of the ads that appear in the Super Bowls end up being classics. The Happy Grad was one of them and was actually submitted by a 26 year old. This submission outdid many high profile entries as it was part of a contest. For an amateur the ad is really impressive. It is full of humor as the grad thinks his parents bought him a classy Chevy car when the gift was a mini fridge for his dorm.


Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

2013: Educational commercials can be quite effective and deliver some powerful messages even when delivered through humor. A classic example is this Australian ad educating people to be careful around trains. The ad is comprised of animated figures with each disclosing a really dumb way to die.

Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die TV Ad

Intel and Toshiba: The Beauty Inside

2013: This add plays with the head while getting a message across. The ad is about a fellow who wakes up everyday as somebody else. The message he delivers is about what is on the inside that counts. This is then equated as to what counts in the promoted electronics. A pretty neat approach.

Intel and Toshiba: The Beauty Inside TV Ad

Channel 4: Meet the Superhumans

2013: Every Olympic that is held is one that is full of excitement for both the athletes and the spectators. The Paralympics are events that bring the best out in everyone. Sometimes it is forgotten as to how much these special athletes contribute. This ad bring this back to mind and is one that was enjoyed by a lot of people.

Volvo Trucks: The Epic Split

2014: It can be a challenge for vehicle manufacturers to create TV ads that are going to be unique enough to hold the audience’s attention. A sure way is to put Van Damme front and center, which is exactly what took place in this live test ad. It was unique enough that it was classed as an outstanding ad.

2015: Geico has been recognized for some amazing ads that have really made their brand stand out. Some are more memorable than others, but this one turned out to be one that wasn’t soon forgotten. As the ad ends a dog decides to finish off all the food that was used at the dinner table as a prop.

Harvey Nichols: Shoplifters

2016: Shoplifting hurts everyone and this partially animated ad really reveals just how culprits go about this. What makes it so interesting is that the criminals have had their faces replaced with animation in order to protect their identity.

Under Armour: Rule Yourself: Michael Phelps

2016: Under Armour created an exceptionally powerful TV ad using Michael Phelps as the focus. It delivers a great message that becomes instantly connected to the brand. It can be considered as an inspirational ad with a marketing twist.

2017: George Clooney and the Muppets make a perfect team in this This Nespresso ad. It is one that a lot of people are familiar with. George wants to get to his Nespresso so he uses many modes of travel with a whole bunch of different characters.

Bud Light Special Delivery

2018: Many of those Television commercials that are considered exceptional pertain to the ale industry. Yet another one added to the favorites is this Bud Light Special Delivery. The story behind this is over a shipment of corn syrup that is not used in Bud Light so the Bud Light makers set off on a journey to all the other ale makers to deliver it.

Can’t Resist: There have been a lot of superb commercials reviewed, but there are still several others that just shouldn’t be missed. This video highlights some of them that have created many fond memories throughout the 2000s.

Throughout the 2000’s among the many themes for the Television commercials were a collection of those that were nostalgic. Here is a short collection of them that aired in 2008 and 2009. They are considered to be ones that are memorable and each of them deliver their own message.

This completes the collection of some of the greatest television ads to run throughout the 2000s. One can only imagine what we would be missing out on if Television were to become extinct.

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