Little Girl Hospitalized After Wearing These Popular Shoes – Here’s The Mom’s Warning To Others

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Parents are always looking out for their children, advising them to stay away from dangerous things and situations such as sharp objects, busy streets, and open flames.

However, not all burns come from fires and this is the lesson one Houston mother learned after buying her daughter a brand new pair of sandals.

In Felicia Hillman’s Facebook post, she stated that she didn’t think there would be any harm in buying her daughter Rosie a new pair of shoes. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

Hillman wrote, “A few weeks ago, I bought Rosie those jelly sandals from Walmart.” These sandals were quite popular during the 90’s, were made of bright colored PVC plastic and were stippled with holes for airflow. Although they are not the most comfortable shoes, they’re super affordable.

While they enjoyed peak popularity in the 90’s, the sandals are slowly making a comeback. On their website, MTV News reported that sweating feet would cause the sandals to become slippery and that they would smell horrible since there was no proper air circulation that allowed the sweat to dry.

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