The tragic real-life story of Aerosmith

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In the 1970s, Steven Tyler became infatuated with a 16-year-old girl named Julia Holcomb, and he approached the matter in a way one would be hard-pressed to call anything but creepy. LifesiteNews reports that the singer, who was in his late 20s at the time, talked Holcomb’s parents into signing over guardianship to him (according to Holcomb, he achieved this by telling them he needed the papers so she could “enroll in school” while she toured with the band). 

The singer now had a teenage ward who felt betrayed by her parents and believed Tyler was her only hope in the situation, which he apparently thought was a perfectly healthy foundation for a romantic relationship. (We really want to stress here that Julia was a minor, and Tyler was a drug-addled adult.) The couple wanted children, but when Holcomb became pregnant, Tyler essentially left her alone in their apartment with no funds, no means of locomotion, and just a little food. In the end, Tyler ended up pressuring Holcomb into an abortion at an estimated five months of pregnancy, so in 1975, she had a painful abortion while Tyler sat beside her, snorting cocaine whenever the nurse left the room. Unsurprisingly, their relationship didn’t recover, and they separated an unhappy year later.

All of this was made even more disturbing by the fact that Holcomb’s pre-Tyler life had already been extremely tragic. Apart from a turbulent family situation, she’d been in a car accident where she suffered injuries and lost several members of her family. Without a doubt, Steven Tyler’s icky involvement with Holcomb is the most disgusting moment in Aerosmith history.

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