The charity event is one reports KING.
Needless to say, the appearance provoked a range of answers on the internet and certainly captured attention.
“I don’t understand which seems more ridiculous… the snowy dress he is wearing or the 28-year old he’s with that could be his granddaughter! ,” chimed in another. “LMAO!”
“Wow this dude has some chunks lol,” wrote a thirdparty.
“Good god, the things some people will do for attention,what a pratt,” said one.

Tyler, 69, accessorized with a necklace and donned a lengthy dress that was white-shirt underneath.

“He should’ve ditched the baggy pants under it and worn out on shoes,” added another. “Ruined the entire appearance. Sheesh!”

“We’re keeping that slot open to do anything,” Tyler explained, saying that he’s been speaking to his manufacturers about the Harvey victims. “Always in our hearts and dreams. And when I can sing’Fantasy’ or”Walk This Way,’ raise money for people who fully got wiped , I am there.”
On Sept. 3, Tyler disclosed he plans to be in San Antonio, Texas, in early November. San Antonio was among those regions.
Along with sporting unusual outfits, Tyler introduced for a photograph with Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, and audio producer David Foster at the occasion. The Aerosmith singer captioned the shot”The Italian Rat Pack” on Instagram.

He was followed by his girlfriend, 28-year-old Aimee Preston, who also wore blouse and a colored skirt with heels.

“This is your mind on drugs,” joked someone else.

Others criticized and were less than entertained the star.
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However Tyler was defended by others.

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler wore a dress in Rome, Italy to some charity event.
Some could not help but crack a few jokes.
“This an entertainer that has been loved for many years, exactly what he wears is not one of your company, only always love his music…” shot one commenter.
According to Tyler, Just Jared attended a event benefiting the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center along with The Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Celebrity Fight Night.

He was wearing a.. .

“Sans the dress he looks pretty great for 69….no matter what he does everyone likes him, he was and is a terrific entertainer and will live on at the stone production,” said another.
“It’s frock and roll,” quipped one Daily Mail reader.

The footage hasn’t aired *yet* and we have the timeline wrong. That would indicate that Hannah B. crashes a dream suite date at a far-flung locale, and that Colton conveys the exact same outfit. Both improbable.
The assembly could just happen to be uneventful or boring, however there was a bar to clear on Monday, since most of the dates of Colton were rather feeble.
No matter Hannah B. said did not factor to Colton’s decision (again, appears unlikely)
The footage could have impacted Hannah B.’s eligibility to be the next Bachelorette, somehow.
The footage could have affected Caelynn‘s eligibility to be another Bachelorette, somehow.

So what exactly does this mean? There are many possibilities:

After eight episodes of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, many enthusiasts have become fixated by what hasn’t been shown on screen. We’ve spent months s fence leap that was magnificent , just for the minute to be teased by ABC and fail to deliver.
In any case, I hope we get some sort of explanation in the tell-all series (that’s, again, unlikely).

According to Truth Steve, Hannah’s Mature trip with Colton did occur while he was in Alabama meeting with Hannah G., but the footage was cut from Monday’s incident.

Her participation was teasing, following Hannah ’ s exit. At the 19-second markers of this Week 8 incident preview shared Sunday, we could see a shot of Hannah B. walking along a parking lot.
Hannah B., meanwhile, spent Monday sharing photographs of the family members Colton could have met had not removed her.
There’s the mystical case of a missing scene featuring eliminated contestant Hannah B., that had been sent home in Week 7. If you remember from the mid-season trailer, then it’s implied that Hannah B. could receive a dream bundle, as she could bee seen following Colton into a hotel room. In the clip, Colton is wearing the same jacket and scarf that he wore throughout his inaugural date with Hannah G. at Birmingham, Alabama. That scene wasn’t flown, also Hannah’s now off the show.

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